Are YOU the Silent Majority? 

People wonder who the silent majority is, I know who the Facebook silent majority is. They are those read your posts over and over again who never react or comment or feel like they cant say what is in their heart to say. For those of you who have posted about the election and feel like no one is listening to you THE SILENT MAJORITY IS Reading! 

I have received more emails and texts from people who do not want to publicly comment on different posts, but they are thankful that the posts are there for them and their friends to read. THIS is the movement that is happening in our country, people are realizing their voice makes a difference! When are society is disgusted at the bias in the media news networks, (some social media, not all) and truth seeking journalists have become a way of hearing the truth like society has never before. All of this to say, do not be weary in well doing – we will reap what we sow! 

Lets #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump #ConservativeChristiansForTrump #OregonForTrump

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