Tickling the Keys Set me FREE

Ever since last night I had been carrying a heavy spirit. Our family went to an indoor skatepark in NE Portland and that afternoon there were some rough guys downstairs blasting some nasty music as they were shredding on their bikes. I came home and couldn’t shake the heaviness, but to tell you the truth I wasn’t trying very hard.

This morning the kids and I were not the most joyful peaceful people. I knew I had to shake this off before any ladies came to the our connect group this morning at the church office. I was going to go pray but was drawn to the piano in the back room. I haven’t played the piano in years but something inside of me was crying out to connect with God in a deep way. I began to play a few worship songs that I had learned over 20 years ago, which was sweet but I was stumbling more than I was feeling my connection to God. I stopped and went to see if anyone had arrived yet and since no one had, God told me to go back to the piano. I began playing a simple melody and put words to it which were a cry of my heart for the Lord to restore the joy of my salvation. As I did the Holy Spirit came so tenderly and washed away the heaviness that was on my heart. Pretty soon a beautiful song began to be played.

The Lord is so faithful and wants to set us free, he does not desire us to walk around this life under attack in anyway. We can live a joyful and free life IF we ask him to come and set us free. We have a choice every day to remain overwhelmed by our burdens or give them to God, seek his face and learn to walk in his freedom.

I’ve heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. At times we hold onto the attacks/burdens/strongholds in our life because they bring a sense of familiarity and comfort. With them we feel justified in our emotions and lack of the fruit of the spirit being displayed in our life. WHAT A LOAD OF CRUD!! That justification is a demonic plot of the enemy to keep you/me from being free!! In Revelations it says, “we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY.

Today the word of my testimony came out in a song I sang and played to the Lord. It was an intimate and precious moment transforming my spirit in an instant. Please recognize when you are in this place and seek the Face of the only one who can bring freedom! #youareblessed #LiveLifeOutLoudForGod

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