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Too much technology at an early age?

Parenting has it’s limits: But so does the TV

(Facebook Post March 16, 2014)

4 weeks- still shocked! Amazed at how our household has transformed after being electronic free (except for only a 2-3 hours on the weekend)!

My kids are coming home from school now playing with the toys they never used to play with, David was freaking out because his new TimeFlyz book came in the mail- this kid has read for leisure more in the last 4 weeks than in the 3 years. He also built a big Lego set he bought in 2 days. Elicia received a surprise present in the mail yesterday, “Frozen” DVD and didn’t even complain that she couldn’t watch it until the weekend, which she would have to use her only media allowance on it. Isaac is playing basketball after school instead of begging to play his before allowed 30 min of XBOX time.

All my kids are at peace with one another and myself. The amount of time they now spend together playing is something I have wanted to see or the last 7 years. I just had to finally go along with my husbands desires and shut the stupid brain sucking TV off. There is no reason why we have to allow it to be on for long periods of time.

The peace and joy that has filled our house as a result is astounding! My kids only get 2 gold chocolate coins a weekend to spend on a 30 minute electronic time per coin. then we may watch a show or two as a family. but that is it!! Bring on the brain activity and healthy exercise!

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