YOU are your child’s Worship Leader

worship with your kids

There is nothing like the sweet presence of Jesus filling our home as we worship! I just sat down at the piano which I dont do very often, and began playing from my heart a few songs that flowed right into each other. Today, I have been singing I Surrender All. So I started with that, then I played a song God gave me in High School. Next was, I exalt Thee and I love you Lord. When I was done I looked and my 11 year old David was curled in a ball crying saying that was the most amazing thing I have felt and heard. I told him he was feeling the presence of Jesus. That Jesus fill the room as we worship, even if I wasnt singing any words. My 8 year old Elicia was crying on the couch in the other room because she lost one of her kitties. She said when she heard the music she was filled with peace and stopped crying being sad. 

Oh, Jesus we love You and Your presence. Take over our lives, let our children experience the outpouring of your presence and the filling of your Spirit. Take control and consume us with only you. 

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