Where does my help come from?

There are times in life when nothing makes sense. Times when you are so desperate the only place to turn is God and His Word.

Then you see the stupidity and depravity of humanity…..Just today I saw a news article where two parents gave their kid dope in its bottle just to watch its reactions. Tragically the baby died. Or when you hear about a child being molested by their own family member. God have mercy on that child and the family that was destroyed because of erroneous actions. Or to the person who is falsely accused for something that never happened and now sits in prison with no hope in sight.

BUT GOD!!! I have to believe that despite all that we don’t understand, God is good. His character never changes. He is a God of Purity, Truth, Justice, Peace and Love. I believe in the infallible God breathed Word of God, the Holy Bible. However, there are so many scriptures when we are walking through a deep valley that are very hard to understand.

God is timeless. He always was and always will be. When we read the Word we have to keep in mind that it was written for us in the perspective of our whole life. When you read through Psalms 121, when you are hurt, you might say “this didn’t work for me”. BUT again, God said His “Word wont return void, it accomplishes what it sets out to do. ”

That is where faith and trust comes in. We need to hold on to the character of God. Hold on to the fact when he said, “He will never leave us or forsake us.” That he will. He can not lie. It is impossible.

If you are walking through a dark valley, know that “He who began a good work in you WILL complete it.” He will give you a “peace that surpasses all your understanding and will guard your heart and mind”. We don’t have to understand why, we just need to know where to get a hug and receive the only hope that will last for eternity.

Weeping may last for a night BUT Joy comes in the morning. Hang on, find people to pray and support you. Nothing compares to finding a solid church family you can trust.

You don’t have to walk through this alone!!


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