Kingdom Business: Christ in the Workplace

Christ in the Workplace- praying for a Buddhist Prayer-Toy

(Facebook post Aug 12, 2014)

Never in my life would I have expected to get this close to laying hands on hundreds of Buddhist. Haha! A guy just came to our shop and purchased for the second time, wood to make his Buddhist prayer objects. As I laid hands on each piece of wood, I prayed in the Spirit, that as every Buddhist would use this to pray to their god, they would have a personal and powerful encounter with Jesus Christ the Son of God.

The business owner who is purchasing from us said he will come back and use us every time. At first, I thought why in the world would I want our product to make prayer objects for an idol. But the power of Jesus is far greater than the power of a dead god. I just laughed because he has no idea how he will impact the world for Jesus Christ, instead of Buddha. Hallelujah

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