Love In Action: Fred Meyer God Encounter

Love In Action: Fred Meyer God Encounter

(Facebook Post: Aug 10, 2014)

After church, I was still overwhelmed by the presence and glory of God 3 hours later. I could hardly walk let alone carry on a quick conversation! Got to love it when that happens. BUT, the best thing that happened was going into Fred Meyer to get some groceries. It has been almost a year since I took a step of faith like I did except this time I was so soaked with God that it didn’t take any effort, nor did I have any doubt or fear.

As I walked around the store I was singing a few worship songs. I didn’t care who heard me. Then as I approached the checkout line, as soon as I looked at the young lady God told me loud and clear that He wants to heal one of her relatives. The girl asked me how my day was. Haha, I told her I just had the most incredible day of my life. And that at I saw Jesus loving on people. I told her as soon as I looked at her God told me to ask if she had a relative who needed healing in their body. Her head shot up and with big eyes she said, YES, my Aunt, she has huge masses on her brain and they don’t know what they are or what is wrong with her.

So I told her that we have seen people who have been healed by God from Cancer, whose tumors have shrunk before our eyes. I told her God wants to do the same for her aunt. So with open eyes, I started thanking Jesus for making the tumors shrink and disappear and for there to be no trace of disease in her body. I thanked him for His love for her aunt and her. The girl stood there in shock looking at me and thanked me.I told her I would come back and look for her and see how her Aunt is doing, but that I know I will hear a good report! THANK YOU JESUS FOR HEALING THE AUNT. That was so much fun!

This only happened because I was just filled and willing to be a vessel. I haven’t done something like that in a few months because of the crazy
season of going back to work full time, running our business. Usually I would have the kids with me in the grocery store and I would almost make it a point to not look at people in the eyes so I wouldnt feel like talking to them. While at the same time, fighting to not loose my patience with 3 kids annoying each other!

More of it had to do with being FILLED to OVERFLOWING with Jesus and allowing that to spill God’s love on someone else. All it takes is us getting filled, which means taking time to worship Jesus and set our eyes on Him consistently during the day throughout the week, not just on Sunday’s. I LOVE feeling full and pouring it out, but it just takes pressing in. Which in reality TAKES THE STRESS OF THE DAY AWAY. Why would I not take time to be with Jesus? Why do I tell myself sometime that I don’t have time or I’m too stressed and just turn on a TV show. WHAT KIND OF STINKING THINKING IS THAT! haha. sorry preaching to myself.

Story Update!!!!

I found out last night that a close friend of mine is closely connected with the family of this girl!!!! The girl hasn’t wanted to go to church because her mother is in a homosexual relationship. But God loves them so much He pointed her out and showed His transforming love. IS God AMAZING OR WHAT!!! He answers people’s prayers in ways they would never imagine! hahaha. LOVE LIVING #NATURALLYSUPERNATURAL

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