NO ADULTS NEEDED! These kids lead their Kids Church

NO ADULTS NEEDED!! Last Sunday in Elementary at Destiny Christian Fellowship was our Kids in Ministry Day. We had 4 to 6 different kids ages 9-11 leading the whole class (my 11 yr old Isaac was the head teacher) You NEED to see these amazing kids worshipping their hearts out to Jesus.

One 11 yr old was going around encouraging the class during worship by singing, doing hand motions and dancing trying to help activate the younger ones. I video taped and cried.

This is the first of many classes where our kids will lead the class. One of the most incredible times on Sunday was having a couple who are new children’s ministry pastors in Vancouver come and observe our class. The curriculum that we just finished in the last year was Becky Fischer’s, Hearing God’s voice, and we gave the kids an opportunity to activate that with this couple.

We had a couple come forward, the kids bowed their head and took time to listen to God’s voice for what He wanted to share with this couple. The first boy who was sitting at a table coloring and I didn’t even think he was listening because he has some learning issues was the first one to shoot his hand up. Gabriel who is 5, said “I see that the pain is going away right now.” We asked the man if he had any pain in his body and he began to tear up. He said he has had multiple shoulder surgeries and is in constant pain. The kids surrounded him and prayed for him, most of the ones who lead out in prayer were in 1st grade.

Then I asked the kids if they saw or heard anything. Sage who is 5 said 5 different words that God told her and about a dove that landed on the top of the lady’s head. The lady looked up a little shocked and said that really means something very deep and personal to me. They could feel the presence of God very strong on them. It was amazing to leave feeling like our team didnt do anything at all because these kids did absolutely everything. They planned the class from who was going to open in prayer. 9yr old Angina did it exactly like a teacher does and asked the kids who wanted to pray. She did the rules also.

My 11 yr old son, Isaac spent part of his Saturday putting the scripture game all together. He cut out the words and put them in plastic eggs that the kids had to find and Put together. Before the game Isaac and Ezekiel had the kids learn (as the boys said “Just like Teacher Joseph taught them”) by writing the scripture on the white board then erasing 1 word at a time while reciting the verse after each word came off.

After the game, they had the kids watch a short clip on the “talking donkey” then 9 yr old Joshua asked the kids questions about it. 9 yr old Jaden asked who needed prayer and prayed for each request personally. What an amazing day to observe and be a part of, we were ready to keep going for another hour!What a powerful way to see the fruit of this ministry displayed.

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