Stop Wishing and Whining and Start Believing and Receiving

Stop Wishing and Whining Start Believing and Receiving

The picture behind the quote is one of my favorite dreamy pics. I had to use it with the Beth Moore quote because while looking at the picture, it shakes me into reality to pull my future into my present!

This is from a Beth Moore study called “Believing God”

The commission of faith

Lord, today I accept my calling
not to perfection or performance.
My calling is to faith.
I have been chosen for this generation.
I have a place in the heritage of faith.
I’m going to stop wishing and whining
and start believing and receiving.
What your Word says is mine.
I won’t let others steal my hope.
I won’t argue with a Pharisee.
I will believe and therefore speak,
for You, my God, are huge.
Nothing is too hard for you.
Our world needs your wonders.
Rise up, oh Lord!
Please renew Your works in our day.
I confess the unbelief of my generation
and ask You to begin Your revival of faith
in my own heart.
For You are who You say You are.
You can do what You say You can do.
I am who You say I am.
I can do all things through Christ.
Your Word is alive and active in me.
Satan, hear me clearly:
My Father is Maker of heaven and earth.
You are under my feet,
Because today and the rest of the days,
I’m believing God!

Make this your Prayer today!!


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