Parents: Pay Attention to Your Kids Dreams

boy dreaming

Parents, pay attention to your kids dreams~

Especially if you are praying over them at night to have encounters with God and God dreams. Elicia my 7 year old, came in my room just now describing in detail the dream she had last night. I was right in the middle of getting ready to leave the house, every parent knows what that is like. She came and sat on my bed and started talking. very slow, clearly and thoughtfully. It made me stop in my tracks! Forget being on time when you are having a God moment with your kid!  In her dream she was walking in our yard into the woods and a green snake the length of our house started to follow her. She said, “It was creepy. Because the snake got clothes from somewhere and then the woman stood up. She didn’t have feet but she was chasing me. I was scared and so I hid under your sheet on your bed and she couldn’t find me”.

I told Elicia, do you know what to do next time you have a dream like that? There is power in your words. She said, Yes I know. You already told me that. I can chop its head off with a sword.  I told her if she ever has a dream like that again, that she can tell the snake to go away in “Jesus Name” and it will go away fast. Satan is scared of the name of Jesus. There is Power in His Name!

I told Elicia that me and dad are under God’s covering and she is under ours. That is why she felt safe and the snake couldn’t find her under our sheets! WOW! That statement alone can preach! So parents, if your kid tells you a vivid dream pray for peace for them if they are scared, and then pray for God to give you guys the answer of what it means. The thing I couldn’t believe is that Elicia said in her dream she was scared, but as she was telling it to me there was no fear at all. No torment. It was like God telling her, she is protected when she is under our covering!

TAKE TIME TO LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS & KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN! Pray and allow God to use it as a teaching tool.

Jesus with children with Lion and the lamb

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