No Longer Silent- The Church is Behind the Times

It is time for the church to be informed of what this generation is being taught about the supernatural. We are beginning to have children come into churches across this nation who are experiencing the supernatural because they are being taught and mentored by the New Age and Cults. They are learning through online websites, books and even in the classroom.

Please look at the images below of pictures I took of papers on a teachers desk at Happy Valley Middle School. This is real people!! We need to learn what why this is a big deal to get tangled with this and how to teach our children to stay away and be a light. The video clip below is from Becky Fischer and Kids In Ministry International.

Look at this Book Excerpt I just googled and found. My google search was the title of another Becky Fischer teaching, “What Psychics know about our children that we dont” I watched this video tonight and I am going to show it to as many parents as I can!! This book that I found shows how the world is pastoring/mentoring supernatural or “gifted” kids into bringing out their “psychic giftings” it is crazy when you read it! How much more does the church need to understand God’s supernatural and be released into it. We need to be able to discern those who come in to the church or our lives who talk supernatural things but do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Or Born Again Believers who do not discern if what they are seeing is from God or the enemy.’t&source=bl&ots=DnyB4vq4qH&sig=8F1NkgCd-LARiwt6wX5YZxCDjm4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=nWVpVNnFBM7SoAT16ILgDA&ved=0CCIQ6AEwA

THIS IS WHY THE CHURCH NEEDS WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS ISSUE! We need to have discernment if they are seeing the spirit of God or are they seeing a counterfeit of the enemy. We cant ignore it and think it will go away, we are already way behind the times.

Here is the link for a eye opening and insightful teaching from Becky Fischer on what is going on in the spirit realm and how it is affecting this new generation. “The Kingdom of Light” –
(Taken from her website . This is the product description)
Filmed LIVE at KIMI’s annual family conference

Speakers: Becky Fischer

The Kingdom of Light series teaches children the important fundamental concepts that God has a kingdom where we become citizens when we are born again. But because God is light, his kingdom is a kingdom of Light. The Bible says we are children of light when we are is and that we are to walk in the light and He is in the light. But we quickly learn that our arch enemy, Satan, also has a kingdom, and it’s a kingdom of darkness.

To us as mature Christian adults it may seem obvious which is which. But to this generation the lines between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness have become seriously blurred. In this series the children learn how to recognize each kingdom and what the characteristics of each one are. They learn the truth about magic, witchcraft and false religions that can be very confusing when they grow up with those things as a normal part of the world around them.

The children will learn that we are called out of darkness to walk in His glorious light. Without ever making a list for them of movies they shouldn’t watch, books they shouldn’t read, or games they shouldn’t play, we simply give them biblical principles for recognizing light and darkness.

I have watched it many times and am showing it to others:

My mandate: to personally experience, as well as, biblically train and equip the church to experience the fullness of the spirit and presence of God, while at the same time, teaching it to be aware of the counterfeit operations of the enemy and those who follow him.

This is the Teacher Study Guide at a Middle School- no longer can people tell me I am just a fanatic or extremist or that it is an exaggerated lie! I have seen proof with my own eyes.





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