I just read Lana Vawser’s word after posting the following on a friends post. HOPE IS THE KEY WORD – do not give up your intercession. Our responsibility of standing in the gap has only increased.
We can either be stirred up in anger and hatred or there are those of us who are stirred up with a righteous indignation at the sin and spirit of immorality that is being welcomed and celebrated in our nation. The feelings some prophetic intercessors feel is one of a heavy burden for our country because we know without a Divine move of the spirit across our land it is only going to get worse.
“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their land.”
When you see prophetically with eyes and ears of the spirit, just like the prophets who wrote the OT, you can see the blessings and the curses at the same time. That is why you may be hearing the “doom and gloom” from religious leaders. It is a very hard thing to process knowing the consequences of curses. There are always blessings and the potential of outpouring that God wants to release and has promised He will release. But at the same time, He will not force Himself on anyone with the intention of forcing their will. In America there are millions who are crying out to God and I believe revival is in each of our hearts and is our responsibility to release the kingdom on Earth. God is coming and will continue to pour out his Spirit and glory like the waters cover the sea- in a way that we have only dreamed about.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. We need to cry out to God for a miracle that our next leader is one who will stand for righteousness and put people into office who will do the same. We can clearly see what happens when leaders have a goal of destroying the moral fabric our nation was founded on. I believe the next move of the spirit has to do with God’s people’s hunger and desperation, just like it has done in the past. If we do not intercede through the eyes of Hope we will only focus on the negative. We can declare and release blessings over our country, while at the same time humbling ourselves and repenting for the sins of our country. Sometimes feeling schizophrenic because you carry excitement and hope while at the same time understanding the results of a society when sinful choices are made. Perspective and balance and eyes of hope. Our eyes need to be steadfast on Him while being those who stand in the gap on behalf of our land. If we all saw the world through Rose colored glasses, as many do, denying any possibility of evil or the consequences of sinful lifestyles, we would never have anything to stand in the gap for. We would think, everything is going to be just fine. There would be no urgency and fire to prophetically declare and intercede. We need the balance of rest, trust and hope as well as a fire in our bones to boldly approach the Throne of Grace and intercede on behalf of our land.

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