You were not born with a cape!

Lets just say, it was a very bad morning. Which started last night when my daughter finally let me wiggle her tooth that needed to come out because she has another one behind it coming in. Unfortunately we didn’t stop till 9:45 PM which was way past their bedtime. (Husband not happy) The tooth is still in there. That affected everybody else at night and this morning as they were very tired. My oldest (12yrs) didn’t have clothes that were clean because he did not follow directions and put them in the washing machine over the weekend, dispite 3 reminders. Then he broke his brother’s plastic gun by sitting on it. Which resulted in a very mad brother.

 All in all, everybody got to school on time and I was very happy to know that I am not superwoman. Despite my day starting off the way it did I will not live in a state of frustration or depression.  God said, 


I am so thankful that I can rely on his grace and strength every day. Because if I had to go on my own, it would’ve stopped about 12 years ago.

NEVER FORGET- GOD DID NOT CREATE YOU WITH A CAPE! So stop living under the expectations of being superwoman.


I realized today that I need to make sure I am DAILY declaring the promises of God over myself, my children, my family and friends, my church, my city and my nation.

I just purchased the book “65 Promises from God for your child” by Mike Shreve. (


 I am literally trembling with excitement just reading the first few pages. It is time to start to DAILY declare the promises of God over my children. As I declare it will change my own attitude and shift my spirit to be focused on my kids are the eyes of Christ.

Here is the article I found out about his book

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