The Temples destroyed – God reveal your glory

My heart is breaking for the families in Nepal who have lost friends and loved ones.  Back in 1994 at our TCHS CAN-AM convention I saw visions of the picture you see below begin to happen all over the earth. I saw temples from false religions being destroyed and kicked down. The visions were so clear. After the visions I looked around and I saw my friends faces and they were shining. I kept on saying in shock, “Your face is shining, your face is shining” the glory of the Lord was shining on their faces just like will be happening all around the world to God’s people.

In the times of these disasters I am praying that the glory of the Lord shines from his people, that signs and wonders would break out everywhere. That his love and hope would saturate every fear. SHINE JESUS SHINE FILL THIS WORLD WITH YOUR GRACE AND MERCY –

this is the article I found the picture on.

My cousins lived over there for years ministering to the abused, outcast and unreached people groups. They have been in the states for quite a few months now, but I know they have many close friends over there still. Praying for peace and comfort for them.

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