I am a citizen of heaven

Yesterday I had the privilege of being with 19 First graders who were quoting this verse over and over for about 10 minutes. What a prophetic time as a very close friend stepped into heaven after midnight, finally receiving the full manifestation of her healing from cancer. Diane Callahan never doubted for a second that her Lord Jesus Christ was her healer and now she has received entrance into the presence of her Papa God.

My heart rejoices with the fact that she is finally seeing face to face the one she has held on to so tightly her whole life. I saw her swinging at the angel of death so many times in the last few years but despite every prayer and verse there are times we just dont understand why, but that didnt change Diane’s faith. She believed till the very end that Jesus could heal her. This shouldnt weaken our faith only strengthen it. She was a powerful example of unwavering faith and in my opinion every time I read Hebrews 11, i will add her name to the list of the Heroes of faith. Heaven has gained a legend!


2 Corinthians 5:1-10


Here is this beautiful picture without the verse over the top


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