That is who my Father God is!! Give it to Him

Unfailingly Love, Unlimited Grace, Dependable Strength, Pillar of Wisdom, Full of Understanding, lover of our Soul, Remover of Pain and Heartache – That is who my Father God is!!

I cant imagine what this life would be like if I were alone without my Daddy God. Too many situations lately what have made me drop to my knees and cry out for mercy for others. When you see the hurt and heartache people go through, even those who are walking with Christ, it seems unbearable. However, the burden I carry for others has to be taken somewhere.

God said, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” If I keep the burdens of others on myself, and never take them to my Daddy God, then I will lose my joy and peace. God never intended you to carry everything on your own. Having compassion for people is one thing, but allowing the burdens to transform you into the incredible hulk is another. Give your heartache to Him!! He will give you the grace to carry what you are supposed to and help you walk in peace and joy in the process.


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