Forgiveness is not an option

Forgive quickly, forgive often. Unforgiveness leads to resentment which begins to build a thick wall between you and the other person. There is nothing worse than allowing a wall to stay between you and the other person when you have all the power to bring it down through humility and repentance. When the Bible says do not let the sun go down on your Wrath, that doesn’t mean insane crazy wrath like you think it does. It also means not forgiving the person who hurt you 100% completely with no resentment.

Choose forgiveness, repent for resentment to God and the other person. Allow God to break the walls down. Then Joy, Peace, and Love will come. I did and boy does it feel good!

If you are married you need to listen to this message. It was transform both of you no matter how long you have been married. If you are single this applies to you just as much. Thanks Dad, I needed this good kick in the pants. Wow, what powerful teaching straight from the word of God! Message from Joel Hjertstedt, Lead Pastor at Destiny Christian Fellowship. Milwaukie, Oregon

Keys to a close relationship 

I have walked through the image on this picture so many times in the last 15 years of marriage. The first thing that happens when something is wrong is to clam up and not share what is really going on. We think the other person is going to just know what is wrong and change. Seriously? That never happens! What does happen is we are filled with anger, resentment and frustration. The wedge between us becomes wider and the angry giant is fed.
Relationships require humility & thinking of someone else before ourselves. In this case it means taking out the scalpel and digging into the deep parts of our heart even if it hurts us and possibly the other person. Transparency is the first step of reconciliation. Transparency with God and with our spouse. If it is too hard to take the first step then we must go to God first before we go to someone outside the problem. God is the best counselor, but too often we don’t trust him enough to take care of us. In our society we want everything microwave fast, even wisdom and counsel. We will spend time talking to a friend or counselor before we talk to God. He is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and PRINCE of PEACE! Allow the Prince of Peace into your marriage and relationships then allow yourself to open up and share what is on your heart. In most cases the other person will open up and share what was bothering them and reconciliation will come!
This year, lets see 2016 bring together husband and wife, father/mother & children, siblings, relatives, friends and coworkers. Lets allow the love of the Father to penetrate every relationship and bring a revelation of unity to the world. Happy New Year!!  

The most ignored commandment

Check out this interesting article.

This article is good, EXCEPT, for the flawed ideology that “God walks out once a week to meet with us”.
It is this mindset alone that is the foundation of a “pew sitter Christian”, verses a child of God who knows their Papa God intimately because of their constant daily connection and interaction. This article definitely brings to light the lack of desire people have of meeting together corporately, which is one of the most encouraging things I get to do all week. “Just one of us can put a thousand to flight, but two of us can send legions fleeing” its not only about fulfilling our “duty” of a commandant. In the New Testament laws are written on our hearts. It is taking a legalistic rule and transforming it into a desire of the heart. David said in Psalms, “obedience is better than sacrifice”. The Lord looks at the heart. He wants relationship with us, not just rules. But if you have an extended family who you love to be with, would you rather, know they are out there living or come together for a feast and party? That is what church is like when you are apart of the one God calls you to. Sabbath is to many just going to church. If this is your mindset, than we need to see that God wants to dwell with us every second of every day. Church is the time we gather all we have received from God during the week and thank Him corporately, worshipping Him giving Him praise for all He has done and all He is doing. We enter into times of intercession for others and our world. We train our children in the ways of the Lord and provide time for them to learn how to walk in their spiritual gifts.

For the medical side, sure rest is important. But it is not the most important reason. People in other parts of the country walk for miles to get to their gathering times. The church/ Christians in the West & Europe are going to face a wake-up call very soon which will prove where their loyalty lies. I only pray they understand the importance of developing an intimate relationship with the creator so they know how to lean on him when times get hard. It’s possible we could soon be in a place where we do not have the freedom anymore to worship as we choose.