I love dubstep…from the mouth of my babe

Tonight I stepped into something that allowed my son to experience music like he had been desperate for. The mainstream Christian music scene has done a very poor job of catering to a group of society who kick it just a little bit different.  My son heard dubstep from a video game and then asked friends what it was. Without me knowing he began listening to many different songs (that was before our Mobicip app was installed). Although there are few to little words there is always the spirit behind the music that drastically affects him. When you have a kid who is very spiritually sensitive I have learned that I have to teach him to be careful what is feeding him.  I was desperate and reached out to a old friend (Andrew Iverson) who I knew had talked in the past about the mainstream Christian music scene being soo limited. He turned me on to http://www.ChristianDanceMusic.net

This website is absolutely incredible. David has been going through it today looking for the artists he likes. There are many more genres besides dubstep for you to check out. PARENTS WE NEED TO BE VIGILANT, and TAKE TIME TO FIND RIGHTEOUS REPLACEMENTS for what our kids are drawn to. I am not going to reject a genre altogether just because I do not personally enjoy it myself. If I deny my kid something that is enticing him, just because it does not fit into the traditional Christian framework, and I do not take the time and effort to find another way to replace what was lost, I may lose him, and I WILL NOT LOSE HIM! On the flip-side if I allow my son to listen to secular music that is attached to pornography, violence and witchcraft (just check out what the artists endorse like I did, yikes!!) than I will lose him for not guiding him biblically. I want my kids to have a heart for music that glorifies God, it just takes a little digging. Thank you so much Andy!!


Allow Him to Love You

In the insanity of life, at times all it takes is to quiet ourselves down for a couple minutes and allow Papa God to love on us. To be honest, it takes effort when your mind is filled with everything you need to do. But it transformed me this afternoon. I started listening to The Fish Christian Radio and every song that came on was a worship song that melted my heart.

The picture below was drawn for me a couple years ago from a lady at church. She drew it as I was exhorting the church about the flood of Love that God wants to release upon them. It just takes them to let go of the hurts and pain that they are clinging to and allow God to love them. The artist gave it to me and said she saw this picture as I was sharing. She said that just as I was encouraging the church, that God was cherishing me.

This picture has become one of my prize possessions. Allow Papa God to love on you today. Take a few minutes to focus on Him, listen to some worship music and feel your spirit come alive again. He is already waiting to hug you and love on you. He is already speaking to you. Stop. Wait. Listen. He will never let you down!!