Honor: Receiving from our Grandparents

G&G Hj & Josh & me                    Rachelle, boys G&G HJ

(Written on my Facebook notes: March 21, 2011)

Isaac, my 9 year old, was tearing up in church today. When I asked him what he was feeling, he said he was thinking about “Palsy Walsey” his Great Grandpa David Hjertstedt. Elicia had been talking just a few days ago about wanting to see Palsey Walsey up on the Mountain in Heaven. Now being up in Canada visiting my in-laws it makes me drawn to and love my husbands grandparents Hugh & Audrey Layzell (click on link to order their testimony on Amazon. They have had a live long impact on the nation of Uganda and also the Latter Rain Movement in North America) so deeply. They are the only grandparents I have left on this earth, so when I’m in Chilliwack I want to cherish the time I could have with them. We have to cherish our grandparents & great grandparents while we have them on this Earth. They have so much to impart into our lives if we open ourselves up to them and allow them to pour in. If you get board with your grandparents telling you all the old stories over and over, please cherish them, write the stories down (I know I did with my grandpa, but now I tear up knowing if I would have just paid more attention than I would have a wealth of testimonies to pass down to my own kids). There really was something to God telling Moses to have the generations have the young ones sit on their knees and recite to them the stories of faith of their fathers. I want to receive every blessing and impartation I can from our families Patriarchs & Matriarchs. Why miss out?  Your children and your children’s children will receive the blessing you receive if you want to receive it from your family heritage.

In this profile picture my brother Josh and I with the most incredible Revivalists that ever walked this earth! My Grandparents David and Faith Hjertstedt. They might not be in your Bible School textbooks as that, but they are still meeting all the thousands of people in heaven who are there because of encountering Jesus through them. They brought worship back to Israel, when no one in the church believed God would save Israel. They brought Jew and Arab together in their many churches they started over there. David and Faith Hjertstedt, like stealth bombers, spread the fire of the reality of the presence of God all over the world and didn’t stop till the day they took their last breath. My grandpa spent more time at the mall than I have in my entire life. Even till the age of 84 he spent his days sharing Jesus with everyone he could meet. Then he would come home and spend hours with Jesus in his room. Countless nights my parents would hear him weeping usually in the hours of (12 – 2AM) as he laid in intercession and was physically being encountered by the intimate presence of Jesus. Like no one else I know, he walked like Moses did, who “knew Jesus face to face”. And was truly a friend of God. Also as “King David” whose heart cry was, “This one thing I have desired of the Lord and that will I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord (which is inside of us, not just a church building) all the days of my life, and to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.” Ps 27:4 – More than anything that scripture encapsulates who and what my grandpa was, but now is for eternity. –

There are hours and hours of video clips that friends took of my Grandpa Hjertstedt a few years before he died. As soon as I get those digitally copied I will include them on this blog. I am stoked because I haven’t seen them yet