No adults needed – kids lead children’s ministry

NO ADULTS NEEDED!! Last Sunday in Elementary at Destiny Christian Fellowship was our Kids in Ministry Day. We had 4 to 6 different kids ages 9-11 leading the whole class (my 11 yr old Isaac was the head teacher) You NEED to see these amazing kids worshipping their hearts out to Jesus.

One 11 yr old was going around encouraging the class during worship by singing, doing hand motions and dancing trying to help activate the younger ones. I video taped and cried.

This is the first of many classes where our kids will lead the class. One of the most incredible times on Sunday was having a couple who are new children’s ministry pastors in Vancouver come and observe our class. The curriculum that we just finished in the last year was Becky Fischer’s, Hearing God’s voice, and we gave the kids an opportunity to activate that with this couple.

We had a couple come forward, the kids bowed their head and took time to listen to God’s voice for what He wanted to share with this couple. The first boy who was sitting at a table coloring and I didn’t even think he was listening because he has some learning issues was the first one to shoot his hand up. Gabriel who is 5, said “I see that the pain is going away right now.” We asked the man if he had any pain in his body and he began to tear up. He said he has had multiple shoulder surgeries and is in constant pain. The kids surrounded him and prayed for him, most of the ones who lead out in prayer were in 1st grade.

Then I asked the kids if they saw or heard anything. Sage who is 5 said 5 different words that God told her and about a dove that landed on the top of the lady’s head. The lady looked up a little shocked and said that really means something very deep and personal to me. They could feel the presence of God very strong on them. It was amazing to leave feeling like our team didnt do anything at all because these kids did absolutely everything. They planned the class from who was going to open in prayer. 9yr old Angina did it exactly like a teacher does and asked the kids who wanted to pray. She did the rules also.

My 11 yr old son, Isaac spent part of his Saturday putting the scripture game all together. He cut out the words and put them in plastic eggs that the kids had to find and Put together. Before the game Isaac and Ezekiel had the kids learn (as the boys said “Just like Teacher Joseph taught them”) by writing the scripture on the white board then erasing 1 word at a time while reciting the verse after each word came off.

After the game, they had the kids watch a short clip on the “talking donkey” then 9 yr old Joshua asked the kids questions about it. 9 yr old Jaden asked who needed prayer and prayed for each request personally. What an amazing day to observe and be a part of, we were ready to keep going for another hour!What a powerful way to see the fruit of this ministry displayed.

Don’t Let Your Teaching Curriculum Hinder the Holy Spirit


(Yesterday, Sunday Aug 17, 2014)

Jesus said He wants to show himself to our kids today. He wants to show His love and give them a piece of His heart! Declaring revelations, encounters, and transformed lives today. His hands are stretched out and He is pouring out His anointing oil on all Children’s Ministry Teachers today, get ready for an outpouring of the kingdom of Heaven today.

Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe on the curriculum you are using!! Let Him have His way! When have you ever seen kids who liked to stay in the box and not be free? Haha! Allow God to do what He wants to do and watch out for a breakout of the Supernatural! Healing of body, soul and refreshing of spirit. Let miracles break out and hearts be set free! Can’t wait to teach my class today!

…….Update from after class…….
In class today, The Holy Spirit showed up and in our short time of soaking in God’s presence, there were kids who saw Angels in the same place in the classroom. Another little boy saw Jesus. And hearts were touched as they learned that Jesus lived a sinless life and took the punishment for our sin upon himself on the cross. They can now come to him asked for forgiveness believe on what he did on the cross and receive Eternal salvation. Admit. Believe, Forever Receive

One little boy who is visiting accepted Jesus into his heart for the first time. Praise the Lord! It was a powerful time in his presence with the elementary at Destiny Christian Fellowship.

Teacher, I see angels in here


(Facebook Post March 2014)

It was heaven coming to earth. The enemy trying to take me out last night and this morning before I left for church. My blood pressure was 208/105 and my head and body felt horrible. BUT I knew God had such incredible plans for today that I was covered in a heavy blanket of peace. When I got to church the lady over our prayer ministry told me that she has seen a wolf walking around our children’s ministry in the spirit. But Jesus came and kicked his teeth out and removed his claws so that he was not able to touch us. At the beginning of class one of the third grade girls raised her hand because she wanted to share a dream that she had. Her dream almost exactly copied the word from our prayer Pastor about a wolf walking around a sheepfold, And Shepherd inside protected the sheep from this wolf. I was in shock as this little girl told me her dream and I told her it confirmed the word I had just heard as they were checking into class.

As I began class I shared with the kids the amazing true story. Of the children in the Village of Bungoma, Kenya. These orphans were told about God and his kingdom, as they came to Christ and realized their authority as Prince and princesses of the King They begin to amazing miracles. They walked into a hospital and one boy felt like he was supposed to sing a worship song. As he did, people begin to be healed and got up out of their hospital beds. The other patients asked the kids to come and talk with them and pray for them, people began to be healed and saved. Many many people walked out of that hospital and were healed – by God. The children then went to the streets for a week and paraded through the town saying, Bungoma Children for Jesus! They went up to people on the street and people were healed and received Jesus as their Savior.

I told our children that there is absolutely no difference between them and the children in Africa. The only thing they need to realize is that Jesus wants to come and reveal himself to them. The kids were so impacted by the story and the revelation that Jesus is already here. We then did our declarations which we received from Bethel’s children ministry, I will post them later because they are powerful. That led into a time of worship where the children were completely engaged dancing around the room and worshiping their Papa God.

We sang Deep Cries Out to Deep. Then I had the kids sit down in a circle and we sang “Holy Spirit you are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory God is what my heart longs for to be overwhelmed by your presence Lord.” The presence of God was so thick in that room, after that song was over one of the little first-graders said slowly and in awe, “that was amazing”. I asked her why and she tried to describe the feeling of His presence.

Then I had the kids lay on the ground as we listen to, “I Love You Lord”. It was a beautiful version I found on YouTube. I told them that last night I saw Jesus coming into the room and heal them and speak to them and show them who he was like never before. They then listen to the song and soaked in God’s presence. Many of them jumped up about halfway through the song to the tables where I had paper and markers for them to draw out prophetic art of what they saw while been in God’s presence. I kept soaking music on while the drew the most incredible pictures of what God was telling them. Some of them came up and shared their pictures and words that God told them, many of the words were confirmations of what God had told me about the class and others in the church.

The presence of God was so sweet and precious. I had one little first-grade girl, and tell me she saw Jesus walking over to a young boy in class who has a deformed arm, And He touched the boy and his arm grew out. I saw the same thing in my vision last night about Jesus touching his arm. I know without a shadow of a doubt our class will see Joshua’s arm grow to a normal size before our eyes!

Many children saw Angels the whole class time either dancing with us or in different parts of the room. I know it will be a day they will never forget. Holy Spirit is so faithful to touch our children. I talked to the teacher in our toddler class, Katherine Carter before the service and told her the vision of the circle and Jesus walking in the middle, and declaring the same thing over her class. At the end of the service she told me she definitely felt Jesus show up in a powerful way in her class.

If anyone ever tells you that you are missing out of what is happening in the main service by teaching in children’s church, I can tell you they have it reversed. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else, despite missing many guest speakers, what I received back from these children nothing can compare to!