Isn’t it incredible!

Isn’t it incredible to think that in the last week over 25,000 people came to #Asbury to magnify our savior. To spend time with him instead of spending time in front of a computer or phone, or bar or strip club or pornography site, or movie theater or any other activity they might have chosen to do.

Isn’t it incredible that no matter what was shared from the microphone or song that was sung that the whole Focus was on worshiping Jesus and lifting him up in honor and reverence.
Isn’t it amazing that America has an opportunity to experience the love of God and a new way. Isn’t it amazing that we can be God’s hands and feet no matter who we are. I’m so thankful that when we get to heaven there will be no finger pointing or judgment but that we can all worship God for the rest of Eternity without being scrutinized. Can you imagine all the different denominations in heaven standing side by side worshiping without a label or a title. Worshiping right next to people who might have slandered you or judged you. Worshipping the same God with all our heart and soul.

I’m so thankful that worship can begin right in my home or car or wherever I am. Because He is worthy. I don’t have the right to judge anyone for how they worship if it’s different than mine. That’s their responsibility between them and God. How they worship doesn’t affect my life or my devotion to God. I don’t have to be cautioned for how they worship or how I worship.
I just want to laugh for so many of the comments I’ve seen. I’m so thankful for what God has done in my life this last year. I would not have made it without pressing into the presence of God and experiencing his love and peace. Sometimes hurting people just need that. They don’t need a sermon or someone preaching at them. The presence of God can do more healing than a hundred sermons. I’m not saying in any way that sermons are not important because they are and I believe that with my whole heart. I know the Word of God has become my daily manna this year.

I need new food each day from the Word to live. The Bible has become In Living Color. I’m watching it be displayed right in front of my eyes everyday, The Good The Bad and ugly. The word of God and His promises in the Bible are the only truth I can stand on. They are the only hope I can put my confidence in. I’m thankful for teachers/preachers who can teach the word and allow it to go deep in my heart and help me know better how to live.
I also know that there are many hurts and wounds that go so deep that is going to require time to heal. As much as we want that healing to move quickly, trauma is very real and it’s affects go down deep into our soul. I’m thankful there are counselors and therapies out there that take people through those deep important steps of healing. Community is so important.

Someone told me that just turning on worship music doesn’t fix everything. That’s true, but that’s definitely the place I personally start as well as, going to God and making sure my heart is right and I’m living in purity before Him. I pray this week that Across the Nation there will be a desire for God like we’ve never experienced before. A desire to live in holiness before Him so we can be an example of the hands and feet and mouthpiece of Jesus to a world who has had their sin debt paid for and don’t even know it.

Lord Spread It to America and Every Country #asburycollegerevival #asburyuniversity #asburycollegerevival #asburyrevival2023 #awakening #visitation #genz #jesuslovesyou